Saturday, January 3, 2009

Drywall, Day 30

The drywall installation, which was supposed to have taken only a week, has dragged on for nearly a month so far and we haven't even started in the basement yet. Is anybody really surprized by this? The top two floors look beautiful though. I can't believe how our house has changed - it's really amazing.

The good news is that some painting might begin this coming week and we might be able to install our kitchen cabinets very soon! Then there will finally be enough room in the basement to put up the drywall there. After the electrician comes back to do something or other that is.

The other good news is that when you cut 4x12 sheets of drywall down to 10 feet long they weigh about 17% less and are much easier to carry down the steps. The 4x12's were impossible.

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