Friday, April 18, 2008

LOOK!!! I got my magnolias!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doug deviated from the original plan for the trees. He was out looking at tulip magnolias without me one day when he came across a couple of white birch trees that he just had to have. As usual, I went along with it. They weren't cheap, but they are very beautiful. The one below is in the back yard and there is also one in the front. Check out that super green grass. I planted it last fall, and now I have to mow it. FUN!!!
We put the triple-trunked one in the front yard. I think it will look nice against the eventual gray siding. I'm really starting to like the purple door now. I think the color has darkened somewhat. So maybe I won't repaint it when Doug goes on his short little tour next month. Or maybe I will!!!

Here's what these baby birches will look like when they grow up.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our electrician has been doing a fantastic job, as far as I can tell, and he's also super nice. Here is a sample of his handiwork:

He had to thread all of the wires on the exterior walls through the drilled-out chases in the foam core panels. To make his job a little easier, I tried to put as many outlets, lights, and switches as possible on the interior stud walls. On the exterior foam core walls I put them directly over a chase whenever possible. He still had to do some digging though, and so I'm still sweeping up bits of styrofoam. Here are the wires from all over the house hanging in the basement waiting to be connected to the circuit-breaker box.

Friday, April 11, 2008


I found two matching leaded glass windows in an antique store and we have decided to put them in the wall above the opening between the kitchen and the dining room. These windows are in great shape and they have beveled glass. They will bring some southern light into the kitchen by way of the dining room, I hope. They look like this:

And here they are in their positions above the pass-through. They are kind of big, and it's hard to tell how they'll look after everything is in. Doug said if they look funny, it's no big deal to take them out and put in wallboard instead. I'm glad he thinks so! I was doubtful about the proportions, but I've gotten used to how it looks now. I think it will look especially good from the dining room side. This photo is from the kitchen side.

Here is a sketch that shows them with the cabinets. Unfortunately I didn't draw the windows big enough so they don't look as big as they do in real life. I can't wait to get my cabinets installed so I can find out whether this will look okay. I hope it works because the windows themselves are pretty cool looking!