Thursday, December 27, 2007


We finally installed the new front door which I had painted way back in June. I’m still not so sure about this color. When I originally suggested purple I was thinking of a darker, duskier color....actually exactly the way it looks here in the shadow.

Doug "felt strongly" that the color needed to be lighter because if it was too dark it would heat up too much in the sun and the door would warp. The current color will probably look lovely when we get the gray siding on and get some purple flowers happening out in front – maybe some crape myrtles, or a butterfly bush. That's the plan anyway. Maybe I'll get used to this light lavender, but judging from some comments we’ve received, it is perhaps a bit too bright for our suburban neighborhood. Although some people like it. Doug definitely likes it. I'll probably get used to it, even though I wanted it to be darker.

So the next time Doug goes off on a cruise or tour before we finish the house, maybe I'll just find the time to paint it a darker and more subdued color. Ha, Ha, Ha - won't he be surprised!!! Sorry Doug. But in the meantime it is just going to be a garish winter for everyone who is stuck looking at it. I know we are not your typical homeowner-neighbor types. But how many of you would paint your door this color? Just wondering….

We put up some Tyvek on the front of the house, but now it is too cold for us to put up the siding. I KNEW this would happen. So the scaffolding will stay up all winter now. Anyway Doug’s been working inside, putting in framing for some pocket doors and making what was going to be a walk-in closet into a sewing nook for me. I will be able to close it off with pocket doors. It is going to be great to have this space. We hadn’t figured out where I would do my sewing until just this week. There is an area next to it that will become a three section closet, opening into different areas. One of the sections will be used to store music stands. It is hard to describe, but it is a unique and clever use of space and I am absolutely delighted with it.

While Doug continues fine-tuning the carpentry, I have been going from room to room making lists and figuring out where all of the lighting, outlets, and switches will go. It is a pretty tedious process, but so is everything else. I’m putting post-it note squares at the outlet and switch locations and up on the ceilings for the lights so the electrician will know exactly where we want things.