Tuesday, October 31, 2006

After we bought the plans from our previous builder we began to realize that we could tweak the plans to suit our previously unrealized needs in whichever way we pleased, within reason, and it wouldn’t cost us a penny.

It was so incredibly difficult trying to design our house from a piece of paper while we were on the road, but now that we actually own our plans we can carry them around the house with us and see how changing certain details will greatly improve the house.

We altered the window sizes quite a bit, and made a few secret changes to the porches that will work out great for us. We feel like for now, nobody can tell us what to do with our house.

There were so many money issues involved previously – after all, architects do charge by the hour – but now we are at a stage where we can freely mess with the plans and make them even better than they were already.

When the actual construction begins we will have to stop this nonsense, but we are having some serious fun with it right now. Hopefully we are not also making some serious mistakes that we will pay for later. There's no way to tell that at this point so I guess we'll just keep on fine tuning it for now as we see fit.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Doug got in touch with an old friend of his who is a contractor and is known for his high quality work. He was not available to start right away, but Doug told him that was okay because he still needed to build the front porch out of the foam core panels. Nobody else gets to work with the foam core panels because Doug is the king of foam core construction.

Not much else happened this month – we got all of the cement poured into the piers for the front and back porches. Cyndy figured out all of the window sizes, ordered the windows, and tended to the new grass. Doug worked on mouthpieces.

We went to a home expo show late in the month just to get some ideas, and Doug decided that he just had to have a whole house vacuum system. Cyndy was skeptical, but she went along with it. The rich people who have these things apparently think they are great. The actual vacuum cleaner is in the basement and all you have to do is plug a hose into the wall instead of dragging a vacuum cleaner around all over the house. But the hoses are huge! Where will we keep them?