Friday, April 20, 2007


Spring is here and so are the carpenters! I finished removing the framing just in the nick of time. In about three days all of the walls were back up in their new locations. The floor plan of our house is going to work so well for us. But the kitchen is scary-huge. I hope I can get used to it!

The carpenters became a little annoyed with Doug when they heard he was going out on tour for a couple of weeks. The main guy said “I thought you were in a hurry.” So I told them they could keep working because I would be there, but I think Doug told them otherwise. Another delay.....oh well.

Now I have a two week break from hard labor. After they finished the inside framing they built the back porch. It is fantastic. We added windows and a patio door to the sides and that will give us a much longer season of use. Now that I’m getting my dream screened-in porch I may never need to go on vacation again! Once the house is finished, that is.