Thursday, February 28, 2008

Things have slowed down somewhat during the past two months as we've become busy with other things. Doug continued with the miscellaneous carpentry work. Cyndy finished plotting out all of the outlets, switches, and light fixtures, and the electrician has begun installing the rough-ins. That work will take another month and then we can have our framing inspection. The HVAC people also came back and finished everything they needed to do for the inspection.

After the framing inspection happens we can start putting up the drywall and install those kitchen cabinets which have been sitting in boxes in the basement since last May. I really hope we will be hiring professionals to do the drywalling. Please cross your fingers for me on that one.

If we get people in to do the drywalling then we can work outside on the siding at the same time and not be in their way. We haven't decided yet whether or not I will be doing the inside painting. Knowing Doug, he will want to do all of the finish carpentry while I paint.

So the big things that we still have left to do are: finish the electrical rough-ins, put in wallboard and kitchen cabinets, install the radiant floor heating system, install the flooring, tile the bathrooms, paint the entire inside, put in the appliances and plumbing and light fixtures, replace four more windows, and put on the siding. That seems like a lot, but it's a relatively small list compared to what we've done so far and I think it will all happen fairly quickly, especially the stuff we hire people to do. I am hoping we will only be doing about half of the work that remains by ourselves.