Thursday, May 5, 2011

Powder Room Finished

The powder room is finished! It really really is! It even has a door knob - the first interior door knob in our entire house. Doug installed it and the shoe moulding so that I could finally get this room finished.

The hallway moulding, on the other hand, is not finished. But the door has its final coat of paint now. Here's a shot of the mirror over the sink, the cubbyhole over the toilet and the medicine cabinet over the toilet.

We even have a door stop so that the door knob won't smash a hole into the drywall. And Doug finally put in the shoe moulding so that I could finish painting the baseboards.

Here's a toilet's-eye view of the sink and the towel bar:

And here's our very first interior door knob. After almost a year of living here, it's really great to be able to use something other than a wadded up paper towel stuffed in the hole to open and close the door.

It feels so good to have one small room completely finished. Once I get door knobs and door stops for the piano room, it will be the second room in that category.
One room at a time!