Friday, December 5, 2008

Drywall, Day One

Since we are almost finished with the outside trim, what better time would there be to drop that and move on to something else? So drywall it is!

The morning started out rather tediously with a bunch of tiny little things that had been left to the last minute (what better time?) which we had to quickly finish before Buc came over to get us started with the drywall.

Buc got here at about 1:00 and I quickly realized that this was "man's work" because all of a sudden there was nothing for me to do. Which was fine because I was getting kind of bored and I was still very sore from all of yesterday's window activity. It was very interesting to observe how the work dynamic changed after Buc arrived. Doug no longer needed me to be his personal manservant because he was so busy learning all about drywall installation from Buc. He actually seemed a little nervous about it, which is sort of unusual for him. Anyway, this drywall lift apparatus that Buc is letting us use is pretty impressive. It holds the drywall right against the ceiling so that it can easily be screwed into place. And to raise it up you just turn the crank. There are wheels on the bottom of it so it can be moved around easily.

They got the first 12x4 piece up and then I went to Home Depot to pick up some Zip Tool drywall bits for cutting out the holes for the lights and the vents and I also got some dust masks. When I got back they were preparing to put the second sheet up.

There was still nothing for me to do so I went out to get them some lunch. By the time I came back the second sheet of drywall was in place, ready to be screwed onto the studs. Hmmm, that sounds funny....
By then it was time for me to leave for my gig. When I stopped by the house tonight afterwards I saw that they had finished about 1/3 of the upstairs ceiling. Doug was completely exhausted but still working on some additional things that he had saved for the last minute. We will be back over there early tomorrow morning attending to more of these last minute details before Buc and his two friends show up. That's right, apparently it was decided today that more helpers are needed. That's good because I'm busy all day tomorrow except in the morning.
Even though it's just a small area upstairs, the wallboard that was put up today has completely transformed the rooms where it's been installed. All of a sudden the ceilings look really high! It's amazing and I am looking forward to seeing what happens tomorrow. Maybe they'll get some walls done too. I guess it is time to really start thinking about paint colors, countertops and tile - all of the good stuff!


A Concerned Citizen said...

Thanks for your comment over at The Bodhi Tree yesterday. I'm also pleased, and quite surprised, to discover that I have new readers (or longer term readers who choose to reveal themselves, as the case may be).

This is a very interesting building project you have going on. I live in a row house that is at least 108 years old and sometimes dream of new construction.

Cyndy said...

Thank Adrianne! I've always wanted to live in an old row house or apartment in the city. Ever since my family moved from our apartment near the zoo out to the suburbs when I was two, I've felt this longing to move back to Connecticut Avenue! My grandmother also had a studio apartment there and I guess that kept the feeling alive.

I'm glad I had such a long time in our first house. I hope our new house manages to have a "old" feel to it, even if it's fake.