Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's like an igloo, only warmer

Our house looks like an igloo inside. I'm glad it doesn't feel like one - it's becoming more and more weather tight as Doug completes his last minute foaming around the windows. The inside of our house is so white now - it looks completely different. The drywall dust on the floor looks like snow.

It's a whole lot more house-like now that all of the bare OSB (that's Oriented Strand Board for you amateurs) has been covered over by the beautiful beautiful drywall. Dougs thinks all of it will be up in another day or two. The finishers are due to start next week, and we have a tile guy coming over tomorrow to give us an estimate. If we can't afford him we'll do it ourselves, I bet. So things are moving right along now, finally.
The mold and moisture resistant XP drywall matches our front door.
These are the final days of the Blue Room.
I'm going to kind of miss that blue painted OSB!

It's a purple kitchen! So pretty! So temporary!

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