Saturday, December 6, 2008

Drywall, Day Two

Buc brought a couple of his guys over yesterday to help with the drywall and there was a flurry of activity instead of the usual plodding along. I'm not used to having so many people in my house so I'm really glad I had a bunch of other things I needed to do instead.

I think they are doing a great job of measuring carefully and working quickly. They got a lot done in one day. The upstairs is kind of a big job because we have ten foot ceilings up there. Our bedroom looks so civilized now! The greyish white wallboard is so much prettier than that ugly brown OSB.

One of Doug's frantic last minute activities that I was helping him with before the drywall guys came was shooting some more foam up into the intersections of the roof panels. Why he couldn't have done this two years ago while we were twiddling our thumbs waiting for the contractor to show up ..... oh never mind. He seemed to be proud of the fact that he thought of this great idea to cover the seams with aluminum tape to prevent the foam from oozing back out, since the surface needs to be smooth for the drywall, so I'm putting a photo of that up here for you all to admire. He really misses working with metal, I guess.

One of the things I most admired about the drywall guys was that they were thoughtful enough to lay a sheet of paper under their truck so oil wouldn't get all over our driveway. I'm easily impressed that way.

Today we put in another window on the south side. We have two remaining windows to replace. We left the old ones in all this time so that the drywall could get delivered through them (see below). Hopefully Doug will complete all of the miscellaneous odds and ends by the time everyone comes back next week. I wish (now she's totally lying!) I didn't have so many playing engagements this weekend or I'd be over there helping him. I'll be there tomorrow after my brunch gig until Doug finally conks out - sorry, that's the best I can do.

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