Sunday, September 23, 2007

Doug spent a lot of time this summer doing some fairly big carpentry jobs since we apparently no longer had carpenters coming to our house. He did a lot of preparatory framing for the plumber, such as building the shower, tubs, and vanity and adding all kinds of cool touches like nooks for the shampoo and soap. I’m sure the tiling people will just love what he has done. I know we will enjoy having all of these great details.

When Doug first discovered the faulty basement stair work, he decided that we could not have these carpenters do the main stairs. Stairs are pretty complicated and require extreme accuracy and a lot of experience. We went up to Taneytown, the stair-building capital of Maryland and visited three different stair-building establishments there. We found a place that could build us exactly what we wanted. The guy came out and measured and we waited eagerly for the stairs to arrive. They came in three sections because we have two landings. Doug put them in. They are very beautiful and fit in the space perfectly. And they are wide – perfect for carrying my bass upstairs.

So we finally no longer need to use the wooden ladder to get up from the first floor to the second floor. We can just walk up the stairs. It is amazing. We’ve been using this same ladder for 15 years and having stairs feels like a miracle. And they are gorgeous, aren't they?

The plumber has finished all of his rough-in work. The HVAC people need to come back and do one more day of work to be ready for the inspection.

We are still waiting for the electrician. He is on another job that is taking much longer than expected. That’s probably where those mysterious carpenters are too.

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