Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some big changes occurred this fall. We got a U-shaped driveway, a sidewalk, and a patio/landing for the front steps. All of the final grading has been done. The circular driveway in the back has been paved. It all looks great and is very convenient.


Doug really likes having scaffolding up around our house. It makes the house look "manly" don't you think? We had scaffolding up around our house for years, and now it's back. Who else do you know who owns their very own scaffolding? It is much safer than a ladder for working on siding and the trim around the roof areas.

We had the 12 year old roof taken off of the addition and a new roof was put on the house and the two porches.

They toss the old shingles down into the truck.
You can also see part of the giant rock pile.

Looking down at our driveway, 3 stories below.

We like being way up in the air! And look - there's our newly paved back driveway.

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