Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Our First Meeting with Our Builder

During the December break we met with the owner of a design-build company. He was very enthusiastic about our project, as we were about him. His company does very high quality work and he had previously been partners with our original architect. We wanted to make the addition, which was to be our new house, sort of in the spirit of the old one. He thought that what we had in mind would definitely be possible with our future budget, so we signed the contract and things got underway.

There was a whole team working on various aspects of the house plans. They had people out measuring the house, there was an architect, and a head carpenter, and all of their various assistants. They were going to design three different floor plans that were related to the sketches we gave them. The prospect of ending up with an even more well-designed floor plan than we had been able to come up with ourselves was thrilling, and to be able to choose from three different versions was amazing. We headed out on the January-February segment of the tour feeling excited and optimistic.

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