Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Delay Number Two: The Tour

We hadn’t completely arrived at the final decision regarding what to do about the house when the tour that we have been doing for the past three years began again in September. We desperately needed the paycheck from this gig because we had to make all kinds of purchases and had not been reimbursed by the insurance company for anything yet. Our credit cards were uncomfortably close to being maxed out for a while there. And doing the tour again seemed like a good way for us to prove to ourselves that we could keep the fire from upsetting other aspects of our existence. Boy were we wrong about that!

Doug convinced me that we would be able to use the long bus rides to plan whatever it was that we were going to do next with our house. There was no way to predict how other people would react, or not react, to our situation and eventually we both realized that we should have just stayed home to deal with everything. We could have easily earned the same amount of money from the mouthpiece business if we'd thrown ourselves into that. But we had previously gotten so much pleasure from doing this tour together and we just weren’t ready to quit. So we did what we could with the small amount of time that we had. There were many distractions and we didn't really get going on the plans until we returned home, just before Thanksgiving.

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