Friday, July 15, 2011

Ladder Rack

We are working on a bunch of different outdoor projects here in Foam Core Fantasyland and we've even managed to finish some of them, and almost finish some others.
  • The World's Biggest Tree Stump is long gone and tomorrow we will be covering the area with sod so it will be as if it had never been there.
  • We put weed fabric behind our new retaining wall and backfilled it with topsoil.  Tomorrow we will also top that soil with sod.
  • Doug has been working to find and de-clog the drain pipes he installed under the driveway about 15 years ago so that we can hook them up to the gutters and not have a lake in our driveway every time it rains.
  • I cleared out a space for the other hydrangea we bought on impulse about a week ago and it is now planted near the back door.  It looked pretty sad and wilted so Doug pruned it back quite a bit.
  • Doug built a ladder rack so the ladders will no longer be piled up in the dirt.  They look very tidy now and he also figured out a way to make rollers so they are much easier to put away.  And they can be locked so no one will be able to steal them.


Bowie Mike said...

Love the ladder rack. Do you really need all of those ladders? :)

Cyndy said...

Do "I" really need all of those ladders?


Someone who lives here apparently needs all of those ladders, but it's definitely not me. Hmmmm, I wonder who it could be?

P.S. Mike - I keep trying to comment when I visit your blog, but it doesn't seem to accept comments from me anymore. It's been that way for several months. Just in case you think I've been sort of anti-social lately.

Bowie Mike said...

Strange. My comment settings are set to "Allow anyone, including anonymous and people with 14 ladders."

I would be the proverbial person in the glass house throwing stones if I were to get upset about people not commenting. I go in cycles myself - both posting and commenting.