Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We've Moved!

It was really tough to change gears and switch from working on our house, to cleaning it up so that it would be liveable in its still-under-construction state, to packing up all of our stuff to bring over, but we finally did it.

We got started on Wednesday March 31st, naively thinking we could do it ourselves in only one day. On Thursday my parents came with their pickup truck and that was a huge help. On Friday we finished getting everything out and we also finished all of the cleaning, which we'd sort of been doing as we packed. I must say we left the place looking pretty immaculate. We cleaned EVERYTHING and got it all completely spotless. It was kind of gratifying to know that it would stay that way for at least a few days until the next tenants move in.

So now we've been back in our house for a few nights and it feels wonderful in many ways. There is still a lot of unpacking to do and there are a few kinks to work out with all of the new appliances and plumbing fixtures, but it feels so nice to be back on our own property and our quality of sleep has improved dramatically now that we aren't sharing a bedroom wall with a noisy furnace anymore. Doug and I have both been totally sleep deprived for five years because of that furnace in our rental house, not to mention all of the hot dusty wind that blew through the house every single time it came on.

But I am grateful that we had a place to stay, and a nice landlord, and this beautiful tulip magnolia tree which has been the highlight of every spring for the past five years. This tree is what I will miss the most - I'm going to have to come back and visit it every year.


Lyle & Donna Jaffe said...

Congratulations!!!! Please let us know when the housewarming is taking place.

Cyndy said...

Will do - after we unpack and finish installing the rest of the door and window trim and baseboards. It's still a construction zone unfortunately.

Bowie Mike said...

Congrats! Does that mean we're nearing the end for this blog?

Cyndy said...

Well finishing it still feels like a fantasy (and that is based totally on reality, and past experience) so I've probably got at least a few more posts left in me. Let's see.....unpacking and cleaning stuff before putting it away, window trim, doorway trim, baseboards, GUTTERS, screens for the "screened-in" porch, lattice under the porches, finishing the basement drywall, getting rid of the storage pod, moving the stuff back here that's been in storage for the past five years, etc. I don't want to list everything - that would be too depressing! It contines to look like a construction zone over here, so yes it is still a Foam Core Fantasy.

24sunsets said...

Such tree grows in front of my university. People come every spring to watch it, and make photos. I fully understand why you miss the magnolia. ;)