Friday, January 15, 2010

Two More Projects

Last year around this time, I installed all of the insulation in the upstairs walls (for soundproofing purposes). It was an absolutely miserable experience and so when it came time to put fiberglass in the basement, I did everything in my power (and succeeded!) to not get stuck working with it again. That stuff is horrible. It gets in your hair, all over your clothes, and last year it did weird abrasive things to the skin on my hands that took months to go away. I get it got ground in or something. Anyway, I don't want to touch the stuff. Ever again.

So I came up with some things to do instead, like finishing the closets in the spare bedroom. This is a very weird closet configuration that I came up with as a by product of a change we made to the stairwell and it will work great for our purposes. There are actually four compartments in this closet, two of which you can't see. I'll spare you the details. Anyway, I put the flooring in the two elevated sections and got Doug to do a little finish work so that I could finish painting it. It seems that one of my big thrills in life is painting the closet walls a different color than the walls in the room. In this case they are the same color as the hallway just outside the room.

Here's a closeup of the flooring I put in this section of the closet. I wish I could have done all of the other rooms that quickly.

When I was at the antique store buying the leaded glass windows for the kitchen, what I had really been looking for was a transom sized window to go over the door of the pink bathroom. Casually looking, since I didn't have the measurements with me. But I did have Doug with me, and in his usual manner he suggested that I buy this window anyway because it might work and if it didn't we could use it elsewhere.

So I used some of my fiberglass avoidance time to clean up all of the paint spatters and to sand off most of the gunky old paint. The frame was a little lopsided so I got Doug to make a piece that I could glue and nail onto the top.

Then I got the brilliant notion to use some of the reject crown moulding from the kitchen to go on the very top. I cut the pieces and glued them together and Doug attached them together more firmly with his finish nailer.

See how thrifty I am? I reused the blue tape from the kitchen windows. I decided to paint the frame the same color as the kitchen windows since that had worked out so well against the yellow walls.

It looks okay in this picture, but in stairwell where it's going to hang, the color didn't look as good for some reason I think the northern lighting in the window kind of washes it out. So I repainted it the same color as the back door and the hall closet. They are nearby so it kind of ties in.

The color combination of deep aqua blue against the pale creamy yellow has really started to permeate my house. It's spread from the kitchen out into the back hall, and now it's in the stairwell too. I'm not going to let it come too far upstairs though. Enough is enough already!


Bowie Mike said...

It's hard to picture the whole house when it's delivered piecemeal in pictures posted over several years. It would be cool to see you post a video walk-through on YouTube when this is all done.

Cyndy said...

That's an interesting idea Maybe I'll get around to doing that one of these years.

By the way, thank you very much for the restaurant recommendations. We all had a delightful time at the Old Bowie Town Grill.

Cyndy said...

And the food was excellent!

Bowie Mike said...

Great! Glad to hear that it worked out. I always feel a little anxious about giving recommendations because people's tastes can be so different. Plus we don't have as many great choices as you folks in MoCo.

During the summer, my kids and I spend a bit of time in that section of town. We frequently just hang out at the little train museum next door and watch the trains go by, and they have Saturday concert in a nearby park. If you're into antiques, there is a cluster of shops nearby - as well as a homemade ice cream shop.