Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Pat the Plumber came by and worked last week. We now have two sinks and one toilet that we can use. We've probably saved about $40 already from not having to go up to Starbucks to use the bathroom anymore. But now that I've said that, this bathroom reminds me of a peppermint mocha. This is the one where Doug picked out most of the stuff. He selected the cabinets, the countertop, the faucet, and the wall color.

Doug was nuts over these faucets. They are kind of cute. I think they look like airplanes. They are chrome - but the walls are so pink that it makes the faucets look pink too.

Master Bath version

This is a cross section of the upstairs rooms. It looks like a rainbow up there. To balance out all of this color I decided to paint the master bathroom gray.

It's getting there! But I'm hoping that since the weather has started to warm up Doug will start working on the outside of the house and keep at it until it's done. I've got lots of flooring to install and painting left to do while he works outside. Maybe we'll finish our various tasks at the same time. Wish us luck!
(and send money)


e said...

Your house is coming along nicely!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving kind comments regarding the poems and photos. Good luck with the remaining work on your home!

Cyndy said...

Thank you e!

a little sewing said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, so I can see your blog! I am really interested in your foam core house! I will follow with interest. (And yes, you need to get yourself a coverhem machine when you have time to sew again :)

Cyndy said...

And thanks for stopping by here too. There's not much happening over there for the time being but hopefully we'll be back in action before too long.

Angela said...

I have never understood this thing with master bedrooms. It gives me all kinds of funny ideas. Cyndy, I liked your comment on Barbara`s blog. That short beach movie, oh my God! And I also LOVED Barbra Streisand and Ryan O`Neill in that movie.

Angela said...

I`m sorry I meant master bathrooms! Are there also mistress bathrooms? Or bedrooms?
Speaking of bathrooms (oh, yours looks lovely!) - I was once in a restaurant where the master (the owner) had installed new rest-rooms with glass doors wher you could see through from inside out, but not vice versa. So when you sit on the toilet, you can see the ones waiting and you think they can see you, too. Some people come running out, until they see it`s not so from outside.
Would you like more ideas?

Cyndy said...

Hi Angela, Thanks for visiting! I'm glad you enjoyed the video - it is pretty funny, as is What's Up Doc?

Master bedroom/Master bath is a rather pompous sounding term that is still in use for some reason. However, I can't wait to be the master of my very own sink!

That's an interesting idea to have one-way glass for the toilet stalls. It might not be so great for us because the shower and toilet are right across from one another. Opaque glass or a shower curtain might make for a more appealing view, haha!

Mike said...

Just came across your site for the first time, and saw the early photos of the tubing for the central vacuum system. The only place I had ever seen a central vacuum system was at my grandmother's house in the 70s when I was a kid. We used to get in trouble for opening up outlets and turning the system on with our fingers. It seemed like great fun at the time. I think that you and Doug will be more hip than Dyson owners!

Cyndy said...

Hi Mike, Thanks for visiting. I think this central vacuum unit might have some interesting potential for mischief. I don't know how "hip" I'm going to be able to manage to feel while vacuuming. But maybe Doug will be encouraged to vacuum for a change since this bit of extravagance was his idea. That would be pretty hip.