Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Year's Day Conversation

Cyndy: Why haven’t we heard from our contractor yet?
Doug: Don’t worry about it.

But it’s been three months since you spoke to him.
Doug: It’s no big deal, I need to finish the porch first anyway.

Cyndy: But doesn’t he want us to sign a contract or something?
Doug: I told him there’s no rush because I need to finish building the porch.

Cyndy: There is too a rush. I can’t take any more inactivity.
Cyndy: When was the last time you spoke to him?
Doug: Just that one time.

Cyndy: What if he forgot?
Cyndy: Didn’t he say he was going to stop by and take a look at it?
Cyndy: I think I should call him, if you won’t.
Cyndy: If he’s not available we will have to start over with another contractor and wait another three months. That is not good, etc, etc, etc.
Doug: (no response)

So I got his number and called him and left a pathetic message about the urgency of our situation and explained it all again. He called back and said that what he had gotten from his conversation with Doug back in October was that Doug wanted him to build a porch and that there was no rush. Gee I’m sure glad I called him - who knows how long this would have dragged out? Thankfully he agreed to take on our much larger project and we met with him two weeks later. Now I feel like something is actually going to happen and I am relieved.

At the same time, I feel like this little "misunderstanding" has caused another unnecessary delay to us getting our house finished.

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